Haleh Sahabi was murdered, doctor says

A female political activist who was recently killed in Iran while attending her father’s funeral died as a result of a ruptured spleen, according to a doctor familiar with her injuries.

The doctor, who examined the body of Haleh Sahabi at the hospital she was transferred to, said, “Haleh Sahabi was murdered and did not die of natural causes.”

The doctor rejected the Iranian regime’s claims that she died of a “heart attack” and added, “She probably died as a result of ruptured spleen and internal bleeding.”

If she was taken to a hospital and operated on earlier, her life would have been saved, the doctor said.

The Iranian regime’s agents refused to take the body to the coroner to determine the exact cause of death and forced her family to bury the body immediately on the night of the killing.

Ms. Sahabi died earlier this week after she was reportedly beaten by Iranian regime security forces at her father’s funeral.

A number of eyewitnesses, including her uncle, have said that the regime’s forces violently attacked her and struck her in the chest and her sides, after which she fell down unconscious.

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