Hail to Egyptian people’s great uprising and deep respect for Sheikh al-Azhar

The revered uprising of the Egyptian people and youth, that has been able to show its significant hallmark of genuineness, depth and visions of the future, is worthy of deep respect amongst the people of the world in general and the region in particular. On February 7th, Egyptian protesters and various dignitaries, including Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayyib, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, responded to the speech by Ali Khamenei, the despicable dictator and leader of the criminals, regarding the Egyptian people’s uprising and told him explicitly to “keep away.” The stance taken by Al-Azhar shows more than ever that the Egyptian people deplores and distances itself from fundamentalism that is symbolized by the mullahs ruling Iran.

We in the Iranian Resistance express our solidarity with the Egyptian people’s uprising and hail their nationalist, patriotic, and democratic uprising. We believe that at the heart of this uprising, it is ever so worthy that our Egyptian brothers distance themselves more than ever from the bloodthirsty fundamentalists ruling Iran. Also, to set aside all opportunists who alongside Ali Khamenei intend to distort the true nature of the Egyptian people’s uprising and distancing it from establishing a free and democratic future for Egypt, it is necessary for them to be aware of the deviousness of this type of so-called Islam and shed light on the truth for the different generations that are present in the spectacular scenes of Egypt today. Amongst all this, the duty of Islamic dignitaries and scholars is very critical and serious. They have to recompense the Islamic World’s silence vis-à-vis the shocking and shameful atrocities brought about in the region and the whole world by the anti-Islamic mullahs ruling Iran.

His Excellency the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, with his clear sightedness condemns the interventionist remarks of Ali Khamenei. He said: “Calls are made that are in contradiction with the principles of Islam and are flagrant deviation from Quran, traditions and consensus of scholars.” We hope that the scholars of Egypt will remind their great nation of the irreligionist and inhumane nature and the threats arising from the so-called Islamic regime ruling Iran. A regime that from day one of the usurpation of power and rule by Khomeini, clearly stated: “The commandments of Islam are for the interest of Muslims, are for the interest of Islam… To safeguard Islam, lying is essential, drinking wine is also essential.” Khomeini’s intention of Islam and the interest of Islam was not the honesty of Islam, rather this very government that his mob, in the name of “Islam” and under the mask of “Islamic revolution”, has enforced on Iran. This issue was repeated and underscored by him many times. In order to save this so-called “Islam”, to this day he has sent to dungeons and executed hundreds of thousands of people who sought their rights and freedoms, well acknowledged by Islam, for the people of Iran, most of them were devoted Muslims. This bloodbath is still ongoing in Iran and the blood of the martyrs of this path has still not dried on their shrouds.

When Ali Khamenei intervenes in the affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and … intervening in Egypt and its popular uprisings these days is solely aimed to expand his sphere of influence and power. In the end, thousands of freedom-loving and noble people of these countries losing their lives will be the price of standing against this phenomenon.

The quick, firm and clear response given to Khamenei’s illegitimate intervention by the Egyptian people and dignitaries will no doubt be one of the most valuable feature of the current uprising of our brother nation Egypt. This is a symbol of the remarkable status of today’s Egypt and exactly what the children of this great land deserve.

Hail to the alert Egyptian people’s uprising.

Jalal Ganjei
NCRI’s Committee on Freedom of Religion
February 9, 2011

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