German campaigners demand protection for Liberty

NCRI – Highly vulnerable residents of the Camp Liberty ‘killing field’ must receive urgent protection from further deadly attacks, a conference in Germany was told.

The United Nations envoy to Iraq Martin Kobler was also to blame for exposing 3,100 Iranian dissidents at the camp to ‘extreme danger’, the conference held by the the German Solidarity Committee for a Free Iran heard.

Former UN official Taher Boumedra told the gathering and press conference at Berlin’s Federal Media Bureau on April 3 how Kobler had a mission to monitor Camps Ashraf and Liberty, but had instead put the dissidents in a very dangerous situation by colluding with Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maleki and his commanders in the Iranian regime.

Kobler was ‘fully aware’ of the intentions of the Iraqi Government to expose the residents to danger, so he had failed in his mission, Mr Boumedra said.

The former deputy chief of the European Commission, Günther Verheugen, then criticized the ‘inaction’ of Germany in the ongoing crisis.

He said Germany must now help the Iranian Resistance in their bid to topple to the dictatorship in Tehran, which is bent on destroying all opposition.

Professor Horst Teltschik, a former policy advisor to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, stressed that the issue of Ashraf and Liberty was a humanitarian one and Germany must step in to help protect exposed dissidents.

Bernd Häusler, deputy chief and human rights spokesman of the Lawyers’ Association in Berlin, condemned the lengthy legal process needed to establish refugee status for the dissidents in the face of the dangers they currently face.

Mr Häusler also demanded that documents relating to UN monitoring of the camps must be made available to the International Criminal Court to open an investigation.

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