Geneva: Iranian Resistance supporters’ protest for protection of Ashraf Camp enters its sixth month

Supporters of the Iranian resistance started the 151st day of a protest strike demanding protection for Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The protesters asked Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and other members of the UN to dispatch a permanent team to monitor the security of the Camp Ashraf, and to take a stance against Nouri-al-Maliki’s government decision to close the Camp Ashraf at the end of the year.


Mr. Struan Stevenson, a member of the European Parliament and the Chair of Delegation for Relations with Iraq, addressed the protests and said: “I learned that today is the 151st day of your gathering here. I admire your resilience in support of the rights of Camp Ashraf. Your work here is very valuable and important, and I want to congratulate you on behalf of all Ashraf supporters. If you look at the website of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, you will see that 3,400 members of the Camp Ashraf have applied for refugee status, and were officially placed under the United Nation’s asylum program. This is a great victory. The only remaining matter is for the 27 members of European Union, Canada, Australia, and the United State to accept these individuals as refugees before something catastrophic happens again. As you may know, Camp Ashraf has fully cooperated with Commission for Refugees, but Nouri-Al-Mliki has decided on an unreasonable date for the closure of the Camp Ashraf that needs to be revoked.”

And at the end, I want to repeat the words of Scottish Knight, William Wallace, who shouted before he was killed under the torture: Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.

[Camp Ahraf is the place, in the Northern Provice of Diali, in which 3400 members of Modjahedin Khalgh Iran(PMOI/MEK) reside. Nouri-al-Maliki’s armed forces attacked this unarmed camp in January 2009 and April 2011, and killed 47 and wounded hundreds. This attack was condemned by the UN High Commission for Human Rights and UNAMI, and the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon demanded an independent and transparent investigation of the event.]

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