Gen. Petraeus: Iran assisting Taliban

UPI –  Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said Wednesday Iran is providing a “modicum” of assistance to the Taliban.

“There is no question that Iran has over the years and we think does continue to provide a modicum of assistance to the Taliban,” Petraeus told Fox News in Kabul Wednesday. “A number of Afghans have noted recently that there has been quite a degree of Iranian activity in what you might call campaign contributions to some of those that they think might be favorable to them.”

Petraeus condemned WikiLeaks’ recent release of thousands of classified documents relating to the war in Afghanistan, saying it was “absolutely reprehensible and a betrayal of trust and lots of other very pejorative descriptions, and literally put at risk some of those who are working with us here.”

Petraeus said he is not aware that any lives have been lost because of the leaks, but “certainly there is concern, again, about the use of both source names and in some cases actual names.”

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