Gates: Iranian regime arms extremist groups intent on killing as many as possible in Iraq

In his last day in office as U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates said that the Iranian regime is furnishing new weapons, military training and technologies to extremist violent groups who intend to kill more and more people, Bloomberg reported.

Gates who will be succeeded by Leon Panetta, told Bloomberg that there are no doubts that these weapons are all made in Iran.

In a new pattern for meddling into the affairs of countries in the region, the Iranian regime is furnishing extremists groups with newer and more deadly weapons. Gates added: “About 40 percent of the deaths of American soldiers since the official end of U.S. combat operations almost 10 months ago have occurred in the past few weeks as a result of the attacks,” Bloomberg reported.

The Iranian regime is arming these groups who are intent on “killing as many as possible in order to demonstrate to the Iraqi people that, in effect, they drove us out of Iraq at the end of the year,” Gates said.

According to Bloomberg, the defense secretary said he still believes the Iranian regime is “intent on building an atomic weapon” and is “getting closer.”

Gates added: If the Iranian regime gets so close to be able to quickly assemble a nuclear weapon, then “you have to assume that they have the weapons themselves.”

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