Gas bills in Iran rise even before subsidy lift

Gas bills in Tehran have reportedly seen sudden jumps in amount, in some places up to eight times, according to state-run news agencies.

The state-run Donyay-e Eqtesad has reported that even before the implementation of a plan by the regime to lift subsidies, gas prices have jumped considerably, “leading to worries about what would happen to these prices when energy prices are normalized.”


The daily quoted a consumer in Tehran as saying for a residential building with 10 units, the last bill was roughly USD $1,800. But, even after reducing consumption, the amount for the recent bill jumped to USD $8,400.

The report added that the $8,400 dollar amount is after taking into account a $4,000 subsidy. With the elimination of that government subsidy, the customer’s bill would have stood at $12,000.

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