Further suppressive measures against Ashraf residents by forces under al-Maliki’s command upon Tehran’s instructions

As the Iranian Resistance announced in its statement of November 2, the Iranian regime, having failed in its suppressive measures against PMOI members residing in Ashraf in the past two years and the 10-month-old psychological torture of the residents, has instructed Iraq’s Prime Minister Maliki during his recent visit to Tehran to step up pressures on Camp Ashraf residents.

Maliki, upon the instructions he received from the Secretary of the regime’s Supreme National Security Council, Saied Jalili, has given a mandate for new suppressive measures and inhumane restrictions to be implemented on Ashraf. Some of these measures have been reported in previous NCRI statements. Below, we shall enumerate some of the measures adopted in recent days;

1. On Sunday, November 14, the Iraqi forces transferred two trailers that were stolen from Ashraf residents during Iraqi forces deadly attacks of July 28-29, 2009, out of Ashraf. They appropriated these trailers to MOIS agents to give them adequate lodging for continuation of their psychological torture of Ashraf residents.

2. On Monday, November 15, Iraqi forces installed two tall poles at Ashraf’s southern flank and another one at Ashraf’s main entrance so that more loudspeakers could be installed on them in suitable directions. The aim is to cover even greater areas of Ashraf with the horrendous and deafening sounds produced by the agents.

3. The Iraqi forces are also planning to set up another trailer belonging to Ashraf residents at the eastern flank of Ashraf to widen the dimension of their psychological torture of the residents. The Iraqi forces are tasked to prepare suitable routes for the agents to use during the rainy season expected shortly in Iraq.

4. In another criminal move, the Iraqi forces destroyed one of the internal telephone system junctions inside Camp Ashraf used for communications with Ashraf’s hospital. This action led to disruption of all telephone lines with the hospital. This was the fourth junction of Ashraf’s internal telephone system that was destroyed and looted by the Iraqi forces during recent weeks.
5. On November 9 and 10, the forces under Maliki’s command prevented entry of tankers carrying petrol, propane gas for cooking, and oil for generator engines and their spare parts to Ashraf and sent them away. This move has stopped many generators running, leaving Ashraf in dire shortage of electricity.

6. During these two days, Iraqi forces also prevented entry of the residents’ primary needs such as refrigerators, freezers, vehicles’ spare parts, bicycles, cooking ovens,  items for maintenance, water sealing materials for roofs, electric cables, light bulbs, water hoses, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, warm clothing, computers, stationary, tailoring tools and materials, dictionaries, telephone sets, lawn mowers, plastic rolls, and knee holders.  

The Iranian Resistance reiterates that above-mentioned actions are in violations of fundamental rights of Ashraf residents and infringe the international conventions, therefore, calls for an immediate end to the siege on Ashraf and suppression and psychological torture of its residents. It also calls for deployment of the US forces and the UN monitoring team in Ashraf and departure of Iraqi forces from the camp to guarantee protection of the residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 16, 2010

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