French TV: Heinous attack by al-Maliki’s forces against Camp Ashraf

France channel 5 TV on April 21, 2011  broadcasted a report about the heinous attack by al-Maliki’s forces against Camp Ashraf and the massacre of members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK); the broadcast also covered the Paris press conference that was held in this regard.
The Report: (Click here for French broadcast)

In Iraq, the Iranian dissidents are furious. They condemned the bloody attack against PMOI, the Iranian regime’s opposition, at Camp Ashraf. Note the report by Pasquale Acharde:

 The Iraqi forces open fire on civilians. In these images, a lot of injured people and corpses can be seen. This video provided by PMOI was taken last February 8th. On that day, the Iraqi military attacked Camp Ashraf. Here, north of Baghdad, about 3,500 dissidents have lived since 30 years ago. A few days later, the United Nations confirmed that 34 people were killed during that attack. Human rights supporters describe this attack as a massacre and say that it was planned by Iraqi government at the order of Tehran in order to destroy their opponents.

Francois Serr, Ashraf refugees’ lawyer: “The information we have received shows that the Qods paramilitary force was present. We know that the Iranian regime’s agents interfere to pressure the Iraqi officials for suppression of Camp Ashraf.”

The Iraqi officials pretend the event was a small issue and talk of infighting among the camp’s residents. This is while Ashraf residents have been disarmed since the occupation of Iraq by the Americans. On the other hand, the human rights activists point out the inaction by international community and specifically point to the U.S.
Patrick BAUDOIN, Honorary President of the International federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH): “The American Forces pledged to protect them and gave them refugee status, but today, it seems that the U.S. officials are falling short in carrying out their responsibilities.”

This is a real issue since the U.S. forces are planning to leave Iraq in a few months. Defenders of Ashraf residents’ rights are fighting for permanent presence of the UN forces there. They are concerned about another massacre.

Click here for French broadcast

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