French magazine says siege on Ashraf has provoked “international outrage”

NCRI – A French magazine has published a report about the Iranian regime’s and its Iraqi proxies’ plots and inhumane actions against Camp Ashraf, writing that the intolerable situation has aroused international outrage.

Camp Ashraf, located in Iraq, is where 3,400 members of the main Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) reside in Iraq.

In its latest issue, the monthly Afrique Asie (Africa-Asia) wrote, “Although being protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention, 3,400 PMOI members in Ashraf have been placed under siege by special forces tied to the prime minister’s office in Iraq. This occurred immediately after the US transferred the camp’s protection.”

“For the past 10 months, the Iranian regime’s agents have also camped at the main gate of Ashraf and have set up more than 100 loudspeakers, broadcasting deafening sounds and threats. For the residents, this has amounted to a psychological torture.”

 “The Ashraf medical clinic is situated a short distance away from the loudspeakers,” the report said.

The French magazine added, “Patients are especially adversely impacted by the siege. Pharmaceutical drugs are in short supply and arrive infrequently at the camp. Those who have laid the siege on Ashraf have placed serious obstacles against medical treatment. Dozens of cancer and terminally ill patients have been denied hospitalization.”

Recalling widespread support for the residents around the world, Afrique Asie wrote, “This intolerable situation has aroused international outrage. Several thousand French mayors have supported the Iranian Resistance’s calls to end the siege on Ashraf, considering the camp to be their towns’ ‘sister city.’

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