French Iran committee condemns execution of the political prisoner Gholamreza Khosravi

The French Committee for a Democratic Iran (CFID) condemns in the strongest terms the hanging of the courageous political prisoner Gholam-Reza Khosravi in Iran, at the dawn of June 1st, for his support to the Iranian opposition Democratic and organized movement, PMOI /MEK.

This father of 49 years old was accused of “Moharebeh” (war against God) for having “collaborated with the media affiliated to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)” and “provided financial assistance” to the organization.

This worker, activist of the democratic cause in Iran had suffered during 12 years of torture and imprisonment in various prisons.

His execution is perceived as revenge against political prisoners of Evin that had resisted mid-April against the repressive measures in Iranian prisons, causing a vast movement of sympathy in Iran and around the world. G. Khosravi and other supporters of PMOI had played a key role in the protest of the political detainees.

His performance highlights the total lack of tolerance of the Iranian regime with regard to the organized opposition supporters and the entire scope of their message of change in Iranian society. Khosravi has also been targeted for his bravery in defending the positions of the Iranian Resistance publicly. He had paid the price of his commitment to the principles of freedom and justice in Iran. He was not afraid even from the hardest torture and violence that the executioners used against him and his family.

In September 2013, during an interview written and released clandestinely from the prison, he stated: “I have been sentenced to death for having denounced the ferocity of Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry , and refusing to collaborate and make a televised statement against PMOI (MEK)”. I have no fear to declare that I am a supporter of PMOI (MEK); that they hang me because of this support and the rancor of the regime against this organization. I call my interlocutors to become ready to overthrow this criminal and inhuman regime and spare no effort to get rid of it with all hits factions to initiate popular sovereignty, freedom, democracy, equality and justice for all people in our country”.

The CFID extends its condolences to the family of Khosravi and calls the French government and the NGOs to react vigorously to condemn this criminal act under the Government Rouhani.

Paris, June 1, 2014

For the CFID
François Colcombet

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