Camp Liberty. No.56
On Thursday October 11, 2012, after ten days confiscation, the Iraqi forces delivered five generators that are needed for Liberty’s water system and had been transferred on October 1st from Ashraf to Liberty, while many of their parts were stolen and effectively have become unusable.
Batteries, oil pumps, electric power meters, control boards and electrical panel breakers are among stolen parts. In the course of stealing, many other parts of the generators including radiators and electric change over panels were badly damaged.

Since two months ago these generators, which were needed for launching Liberty’s water system, were supposed to be transferred from Ashraf but the Iraqi government refused their transfer for delusive reasons. After several communications between the residents and their representatives with the US and UN officials, finally these generators were transferred on October 1st along with some other belongings of the residents from Ashraf to Liberty but the Iraqi government refused to deliver these 22 truckloads of the residents’ belongings including these generators. Meanwhile residents’ representatives had warned UNAMI and the US Embassy over the potential stealing and damage to the residents’ property.
Nineteen trucks out of the 22 that have been confiscated at Liberty’s entrance by the Iraqi forces have not been delivered to the residents and their loads are at risk of being stolen or damaged.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 11, 2012