Former Palestinian Chief Justice calls on Baghdad to ensure Ashraf’s access to medical care

NCRI – The former Palestinian Chief Justice has called an Iraqi government decision to prevent the transfer of terminally ill patients from Camp Ashraf to Iraqi hospitals for urgent treatment an appalling crime against humanity and in violation of ethical norms.

Sheikh Taysir al-Tamimi, Palestine’s former Chief Justice, called for urgent international interference to save the lives of the patients and ensure proper medical access to the residents of the camp.

In a letter sent to international organizations, Dr. Tamimi wrote:

“Today, we call on all international organs and human rights organizations to ensure the protection of Ashraf residents and immediate intervention with Iraqi officials to ensure the provision of medical treatment, especially for patients that are suffering terminal physical illnesses.”

Dr. Tamimi added that religious affinities should bring Iraqi officials to “allow a medical team to enter Camp Ashraf to perform the required treatment on these patients, including Ms. Elham Fardipour, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. They should have the ability to refer to hospitals and clinics for treatment.”

Dr. Tamimi said Islamic teachings ensure respect for the rights of all human beings, whatever their religion, ethnicity, race or language may be, and the right to receive proper medical treatment is one of the most important of these rights.”


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