Former IRGC commander condemns Clinton, echoes growing regime anxiety

A former commander-in-chief of the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has expressed worries about the continuation of the nationwide uprising against the clerical regime, insisting that the regime’s factions should be united in preserving “the establishment” and its Supreme Leader.

According to the state-run ILNA on Tuesday, Mohsen Rezai, who is also the Secretary of the mullahs’ Expediency Council, also tried to calm anxiety among the regime’s demoralized forces, saying, “We have to use all our might and undoubtedly consider the leadership’s path as the main path without diverting from it. We have to take this seriously and not fear these developments.”

Rezai also reacted angrily against the US Secretary of State’s support for the Iranian people’s freedom movement, issuing a disrespectful condemnation and saying, “Such hypocritical statements from the Americans constitute meddling in the country’s management. Clinton, who says they are fully supportive of Iranian protestors, has no damn right to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs.”

Rezai added that the regime’s survival is contingent on supporting its Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. “The issue of velayat-e faqih [absolute clerical rule] and the leader is one of dignity for us. We will spend all our might in this respect. But, foreigners are trying to tarnish this dignity.”

“Forces loyal to the Islamic Republic must clearly and unambiguously distance themselves from deviating and seditionist elements and set a boundary against them,” he said.

He also said that the Iranian people’s uprising does not have any political substance and does not oppose the system. It is only of a social character, he added.

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