Former IRGC chief wants Bassij militia model in Iraq

Rahim Safavi, the Iranian regime Supreme Leader’s military advisor, pointed to the regime’s attempts to export its model of dictatorship to Iraq, and said, “Following the formation of the [paramilitary] Bassij and the thinking of Bassij in Iran, this model should be established in Iraq.”


The senior advisor to Khamenei, who was also the former commander of the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), referred to the regime’s policy of exporting fundamentalism and terrorism to the region, especially Lebanon and Palestine, and added, “It was after the formation of Bassij in Iran that this model gained ground in Lebanon and Palestine.”

His comments were posted on the state-run ISNA news agency. ISNA quoted Safavi as saying, “The world knows that the Iranian establishment is an influential power in the region.”

It added, “Safavi stressed on the imperative of implementing the Bassij model in Iraq and said, ‘this model gained ground in Lebanon and Palestine and produced positive results. It must also take shape in Iraq.’”

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