Former French minister calls for recognition of NCRI

A former French minister says Europe and France cannot both expose the Iranian regime’s injustices in Iran while at the same time casting a shadow of doubt on a strong liberation movement which is bound to grow.

Alain Vivien, who helped found the French parliamentary Committee for a Democratic Iran, wrote in an opinion piece published in Valeurs Actuelles magazine that the strong movement for change in Iran is represented in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).


“Today, not one doubts the threats emanated by the Iranian regime which is the epicenter of corruption for global peace. No one doubts the danger of nuclear proliferation both in terms of making nuclear energy or even using it for peaceful purposes. And, no one can overlook Tehran’s meddling in the Middle East which fuels the flames of conflict between Israel and Palestine.”

“What can democratic countries do to prevent this fire before it spreads and they would have to fight its raging flames later on?”

Mr. Vivien offered an analysis of the range of policy options available vis-à-vis the Iranian regime. While rejecting both a conciliatory approach towards Tehran as well as a military conflict, he added:

“To think that there is no other option [except appeasement or war] is to overlook the Iranian people. Despite undergoing intense suppression, the Iranian people have over the last year exuded a proud image through their gallantry and determination.”

Mr. Vivien added, “The Iranian people are today ready for another government. Among exiled Iranian forces, there is a strong movement advocating political change that is represented in the National Council of Resistance of Iran. One would have simply had to see the NCRI’s gathering on June 26 in the French town of Taverny to feel its power and resolve.”

“Democratic countries cannot disregard this obvious political truth,” he added. “In the context of contemporary world history, Winston Churchill quickly found that as London was being bombarded and things looked as if Britain was losing the war, he must recognize de Gaulle and the Free French Movement.”

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