Formation of Paramilitary Forces by Maleki Govenment in Nineveh Province

The Iraqi Tribal Council of Mosul in a statement warned against a group of Sheikhs in Nineveh Province who are hired by Iranian Intelligence Ministry. The statement reads the people of Nineveh will crumple these individuals and throw them into the history’s waste bin as they haves in the past done so to the betrayers.

Al-Sharqia TV, on the other hand, reported on August 12 that Fares Abdulaziz Al-Sanjari, a parliamentarian from Nineveh Province, revealed the formation of paramilitary forces affiliated with the Government of “Law” in this province.

The aim of such organization is to have military control over the province. Precise intelligence indicates that new organizations have been formed, which recruit the youth and follow the Party’s political agenda in connection with Reconciliation Offices. They achieve this goal through giving away money or hiring individuals to substitute former Support Councils, he said.

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