For three years Maliki has obstructed arrest of Oday Khedran charged with massacre and displacement of Khalis population

Camp Ashraf Military Occupation – No. 136

Since January 2009, Oday Khedran, an agent of Qods Force, has been conspiring against Ashraf residents and preparing ground for their massacre

NCRI – According to documents released on Wednesday, August 17, by a representative of the Iraqi Parliament, courts in Karkh-Baghdad and Riaz-Kirkuk have issued arrest warrants for agent Oday Khedran, Governor of Khalis and an element of Iranian regime’s Qods Force. These warrants have been issued on charges of torture and mass murder of Khalis residents, forcing migration of thousands of people of Khalis and confiscation and thievery of their movable and unmovable properties. However, through an executive order, Nuri al-Maliki has obstructed Oday Khedran’s arrest.

According to information received from inside the Qods Force, just recently, when upon complaints to the President of Iraq by a number of plaintiffs the President demanded the execution of the court decrees, Maliki, once again, obstructed the orders.

According to these documents, in late May 2007, upon orders from Oday Khedran, Governor of Khalis, elements of the clerical regime began an assault against some districts of the city, killing a number of residents, not even sparing hospitalized patients. The invading force even killed a policeman who attempted to prevent the slaughter of patients. They killed a number of children in front of their parents. This assault continued for one month employing all governmental facilities. In the beginning of July 2007, eight thousand residents of Khalis were forced to leave their homes leaving behind all their movable and unmovable properties.

Subsequently, criminals under command of Oday Khedran robbed all the residents’ properties; they also looted five mosques which belonged to Sunnis.
Some of the victims brought their cases to courts in Karkh-Baghdad, Riaz-Kirkuk and Salaheddin. According to orders issued in November 2008 by two courts in Riaz and Karkh, judges ordered “all judicial and police forces who receive the court order that they have permission and are responsible to arrest the culprit Oday Adnan Ebrahim al-Khedran”.

Maliki who himself is the principal perpetrator of the crimes in Khalis, through various means, has obstructed the execution of these decrees. In June 2009, in a “Secret and Personal” executive order addressed to the Supreme Judicial Council, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Security, and Organization against Terrorism, Maliki stopped the execution of the court orders. In this instruction it is stipulated:

“His majesty the Prime Minister and Commander of Armed Forces was informed of unreal arrest warrants for Oday Khedran… given the misery of this family from injustice and oppression, and their physical eradication and forced migration from their home, and given the noble role of this family in national reconciliation and their cooperation with the law in the province”, his majesty calls for the stoppage of the decrees and requests that the Supreme Judicial Council to “take the necessary steps to scrutinize the validity of this false complaint”.

In July of this year, the plaintiffs took their case to the President of Iraq and requested execution of the arrest warrants against Oday Khedran and his criminal gang. On 3 August 2011, President’s Office, in a letter to the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council wrote: “Order legal steps to be taken and orders issued by the Iraqi judiciary for the arrest of Oday Khedran, Governor of Khalis, and his cohorts be carried out.” According to information received, once again Maliki obstructed the execution of the arrest of Oday Khedran.

In addition to the suppression and massacre of the Iraqi people in recent years, Oday Khedran is also one of the principal elements in the criminal plots by the clerical regime leading many organized attacks and invasions against Ashraf. He is in daily coordination with the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad and the Qods Force, plotting incessantly against Ashraf. Embassy of the clerical regime that is deeply worried about the extensive support for PMOI and Ashraf amongst the inhabitants of Diyala has, on numerous occasions, ordered Oday Khedran to collect paid agents of the regime and to hold demonstrations or exhibitions in Khalis or at Ashraf entrance.
Oday Khedran is among the first to fabricate the story that Ashraf residents have usurped agricultural land of local peasants. For example the state-run daily ‘Iran’ wrote on 3 January 2010: “A number of Iraqi citizens have placed complaints to local courts in Khalis County against the Monafeqin where they have requested retributions for the occupation of 1,500 hectares of their agricultural lands by the PMOI in the past few years.” The al-Vefaq daily, affiliated with the Iranian regime, wrote on 3 March 2009: “It is over 18 years that the PMOI have taken 15 square kilometers of land in Khalis County under their control.”

On 26 February 2010, in coordination with the terrorist Qods Force, Oday Khedran brought a number of local people to the entrance of Ashraf under the pretext of convening a meeting about the problems in the region in order to use them together with the elements of the Iranian Intelligence stationed at Ashraf’s entrance to insult and threaten the residents as a means of psychological torture.
Oday Khedran held up an exhibition from 15 thru 18 September 2010 in the Sport and Youth Hall of Khalis where it was alleged that the PMOI have killed 25,000 Iraqi citizens; a bogus show and a ludicrous lie. The exhibition was completely boycotted by the Iraqi people.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 18, 2011

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