Following tormenting inspections which lasted for 24 hours, in yet another criminal act, Iraqi rulers have held 7 disabled people and their nurses for more than 16 hours in the Iraqi battalion’s headquarter at Liberty

• At 10 a.m. physical state of two patients, Mahmoud Khosravi and Mohammad Afzali, went critical and they were transferred to Liberty Clinic while they were unconscious.

At 18.30 on Friday September 14, seven Iraqi state ambulances carrying disabled patients and their nurses arrived from Ashraf at Liberty following tormenting inspections in Ashraf which lasted for 24 hours during which some of their personal belongings were retuned and after they were repeatedly inspected with scanner, sonar and sniffing police dogs at check-points on the route to the airport. Notwithstanding this, torturers of the Prime Minister Office with plain clothes stopped the ambulances at the entrance to Camp Liberty asking the patients and the disabled to get off the vehicles for another round of inspection.

The patients said that since 6.00 a.m. they had been under inspection; all their belongings had been thoroughly inspected and even small notebooks had been checked by Major Ahmad Khozeir. However the plain clothes agents said in presence of the UNAMI monitors that they had been instructed by Prime Minister to resort to violence if necessary to force them off the vehicles.

This is while, based on the commitments made in February by Gorges Bakoos, Al-Maliki’s political advisor, at the presence of Mr. Martin Kobler in Ashraf, the inspections should have been carried out only in Ashraf at the time of departure.  During the transfer of the last six convoys from Ashraf to Liberty the same arrangements had been taken place and the inspections at the check-points in Baghdad airport area leading to Camp Liberty  were carried out by using sniffing dogs, sonar and scanners.  But the Iraqi Prime Ministry committee tasked with suppression of Ashraf residents, in a move to further please the Iranian regime,  has ordered its plain clothes agents to harass the PMOI members and steal their belongings  as they enter Camp Liberty.
After six hours of waiting at the camps’ entrance, at 3 a.m. (Baghdad local time) the agents transferred the patients and their nurses to the Iraqi battalion’s headquarters while threatening them.  On Saturday morning, September 15, at the headquarters Mohammad Sadeq Kazem ordered to hold the patients and their nurses in sunshine without giving them anything to eat or drink.
At 10 a.m. physical state of two patients, Mahmoud Khosravi and Mohammad Afzali, went critical and the agents had to take them to Liberty Clinic while they were unconscious.

Reminding that Bardia Amir Mostofian, the Ashraf resident who lost his life on March 20, 2012, due to cardiac arrest after 48 hours of intense inspection and restlessness, the Iranian Resistance stated to Martin Kobler and his deputy in Baghdad, Giorgy Busztin, in a telephone conversation on Friday night September 14, that the Government of Iraq and UNAMI will be responsible for the safety of these seven disabled patients and their nurses.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 15, 2012 


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