Following criminal aggression on Ashraf, the agents go to Iran for instructions

On Saturday, January 8, a day after the criminal aggression against Ashraf by agents of the Iranian regime and the committee within the Iraqi Prime Ministry tasked to suppress Ashraf residents that led to 176 injuries among the residents, Nafe Issa, agent of the terrorist Qods force, and one of the two Iraqi organizers of the aggression against Ashraf and 17 other agents of the regime went to Kermanshah, western Iran, through Mandali border town, as a trade delegation.

These agents were told to go to Iran by Mahmoud Farhadi, a commander of the terrorist Qods force. Farhadi is the same terrorist operative that in October 2007 was arrested in Palace Hotel of Soleimanieh in Iraqi Kurdistan by the U.S. forces. He was released by Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki after the security agreement and handover of the prisoners to Iraq. He currently leads part of terrorist and criminal operations in Iraq under the cover of “economic adviser of the Governor of Kermanshah” and “the Head of Wellfare Organization of Iraqi People.”

After his arrival in Kermanshah, Nafe Issa left the other members of the delegation and went to Tehran to submit his report to Aqa Mohammadi. He was accommodated in Ferdowsi Hotel in Tehran. Aqa Mohammadi is a member of the Supreme National Security Council of the regime who leads his activities in Iraq and plots against the residents of Ashraf under the cover of Iran-Iraq Friendship Association that is headed by him.

The group of 17 agents headed by Ali Khodheir Nasser stayed for three days in Kermanshah before going to Qom and  then Tehran to stay in Hoyzeh Hotel in Telghani street.  The hotel is under control of the Qods force. In Tehran, Dariush Darvish, a member Qods force, is in charge of the Iraqi agents. Their transportation are handeled by the Hemat Co., a Qods force front company.

In a statement on January 2, 2011, while exposing the January 7 aggression,  the Iranian Resistance stated that Nafe Issa was hired by the Qods force in 2006, he regularly visits Iran a number of times a year to be briefed and get paid. He has been tasked to take a number of agents to Iran under the cover of business relations to further facilitate the implementation of the Iranian regime’s orders against Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 13, 2011

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