Five hanged in Rasht and Bandar Abbas cities

NCRI – The Iranian regime hanged 5 prisoners on Sunday, December 1, in the cities of Rasht and Bandar Abbas, north and south of Iran.

The three executed in the central prison of Rasht were identified as R.N., K.S. and H.D. They were executed on drug related charges.

Two others identified as P.G. and M.B. were hanged in the central prison of Bandar Abbas.

The Iranian regime also hanged a young man on Saturday, a day after suffering from heart attack in the central prison of the city of Zahedan, according to reports received from Iran.

Meanwhile, the mullahs’ regime in the city of Tokab, West Azerbaijan Province, whipped a young man 80 lashes in public on Thursday, November 28. This young man is identified as Hossein Khosravi.

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