Fearing its fate, Iranian regime blasts coalition action in Libya

Fearing a similar fate to the Libyan regime, the Iranian regime has voiced opposition to the international community’s military action in defence of the Libyan people.

The regime’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said this week that the history of “controlling countries during occupation of repressed nations has always demonstrated that their intentions should be looked at with doubt and suspicion.”

State-run media have also orchestrated a campaign against the international community’s involvement in the Libyan crisis. Khabar Online wrote that the “Axis of Evil of US, Britain and France have taken up the military option in fear of a popular government in Libya.”

The regime’s official news agency IRNA said France’s air strikes against Libyan targets “violate French laws.”

It also lambasted the UN Security Council resolution authorizing the attacks saying the wording is vague and allows western countries to “attack any target in any part of Libya.”

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