Father of hanged political prisoners: regime cannot escape its disgraceful fate

The father of two young political prisoners, who were executed recently by the clerical regime, has said in a message that the criminal regime can never escape its certain fate with the hanging of his sons.

Bijan Fathi, the father of Abdollah and Mohammad, who were hanged by the regime at Esfahan Prison on Tuesday, said, “The republic of crime and ignorance, which sees the continuing of its despicable survival contingent on the persistence and domination of an atmosphere of terror and fear, hanged Abdollah Fathi, 27, and Mohammad Fathi, 28, on Tuesday, March 17, 2011, on charges of Moharebeh [enmity against God], at Esfahan Prison.”

He added, “This crime will never help the ‘Islamic Republic’ and [its Supreme Leader] escape from their disgraceful and certain fate.”

The grieving parent added, “I have a broken heart and blood-soaked eyes. I condemn the hanging of my sons, and hereby indict on those who ordered and carried out these crimes in the court of the Iranian people and international organizations.”

Mr. Fathi thanked all Iranians and progressive organizations who have expressed solidarity with the family.

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