Falah Naqib: Tehran’s support of al-Maliki government contingent upon attacking Camp Ashraf

Falah Naqib, a member of Iraqi Parliament and the Interior Minister in Ayad Allawi government, revealed that attacking Camp Ashraf has been the Iranian regime’s condition for its support of the Nouri al-Maliki’s governmentm Radio Nowa said on May 15.

Falah Naqib said: “Tehran’s support for Nouri al-Maliki’s government is contingent upon attacking Camp Ashraf. There is a direct relationship between attacking and pressuring Ashraf and Tehran’s support for al-Maliki’s government.”

“If al-Maliki government pressures Ashraf and attacks it, it will receive Tehran’s support and appreciations.” “But in our opinion, it is not acceptable for the Iraqi government to carry out the orders of the Iranian regime. The Iraqi people will not accept this,” Naqib said.

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