Factory owners threatened to support subsidy lift

A member of the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) has revealed that Iranian factory owners were threatened by the regime that if they opposed the lifting of subsidies by the mullahs, they would be imprisoned.

According to state-run news agencies, Ahmad Tavakkoli said, “A high-ranking government official gathered representatives from the chamber of commerce, industries, and mines, telling them that ‘all our political measures are ready and the prisons are ready, too.’”

He added, “Such talk is unprecedented. It is unprecedented after the revolution and as far as I know even before the revolution there were no threats of imprisonment to coerce representatives of the industry into cooperation.”

He added, “In one of the large cities, they told stone cutters that they must not raise the price of stone and that they cannot shut down operations either. This happened in another city, too. It is not an honorable thing to run the economy through threats and the intelligence ministry.”

He added that as overwhelming and chaotic imports took place, security measures prevented domestic producers from changing prices.

He added, “Production will definitely be impacted negatively and this will not last.”

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