Fabricated translation of Ad Melkert’s statements in Iraqi state-run TV, Maliki’s second scandal during the Human Rights Conference in Iraqi Parliament

Following the Human Rights Conference at the Iraqi Parliament in which Mr. Ad Melkert, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and the Head of UNAMI spoke, the spokesperson for Mr. Melkert protested misrepresentation of Melkert’s speech by Nouri al-Maliki’s government-run TV station, al-Baghdadia.

Ms. Radhya Ashur, spokeswoman for the Representative of the UN Secretary General, told al-Baghdadia TV that: “Broadcasting Ad Melkert’s speech was accompanied by fabricated translation which led people to believe that the UN Secretary General’s Representative is praising Iraqi government’s record in human rights.”

Following al-Maliki’s first scandal when a women’s rights activist protested his human rights record, this is the second time that al-Maliki is publicly humiliated in the course of Human Rights Conference at the Iraq’s Parliament.

Previously, during the Human Rights Conference in Iraq’s Parliament, when al-Maliki insulted human rights activists and demonstrators in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, he was confronted with strong objections by Ms. Adour, a women’s’ rights activist. Carrying pictures of those arrested in the Baghdad demonstrations, she walked towards al-Maliki and screamed: “Are we criminals because we held peaceful demonstrations?”

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