Executions continue in Iran under Rouhani’s ‘moderate’ rule

NCRI – Two more prisoners have been hanged in Iran – bringing the number of executions under new ‘moderate’ Hassan Rouhani to more than 300, according to reports from inside the regime.
One of the pair put to death on October 31 at Dizel Abad Prison in the western city Kermanshah was named Payman Qaderi, 30, who had been in prison for more than eight years.
Among 16 other prisoners hanged in the city of Zahedan earlier this week was Ayoub Bahram-zehi, 29, who was arrested in the spring of 2010 and spent 14 months in solitary confinement in the intelligence bureau at Zahedan.
Another Arab Iranian political prisoner was tortured to death in the city of Ahvaz. His family became aware of the cause of his brutal death as they collected his body from the coroner, and noticed bruising and fractures on his ribs and a bullet wound in his arm.

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