Execution of Two political prisoners in Isfahan

Mohammad and Abdullah Fathi, Two brothers, 27 and 28 years old charged with “Moharebeh” (waging war on God), were hanged in Isfahan.

On Tuesday May 17, the brutal clerical regime, hanged two political prisoners, Mohammad and Abdullah Fathi, 27 and 28 years old, in the Isfahan’s Dastgerd prison. The henchmen of the regime’s judiciary charged these two political prisoners with “Moharebeh” waging war on God through forming a group which committed armed robbery against the Islamic Republic.

The father and uncle of the two brothers who were hanged were political prisoners during the 80s. The two brothers were arrested in March 2010 and were severely tortured over the past year. Their father said, “My sons suffered the same fate as those who were executed for visiting their family members in Camp Ashraf in Iraq”. Their mother stressed, “The signs of torture were still visible on their bodies. Upon their arrest they were threatened with rape and physical abuse. My daughter in law had filed a complaint with the Isfahan’s military prosecutor’s office but instead of following up on her complaint she was taken to the interrogation room and was threatened”.

The people and the youth of the city of Isfahan who had learned of the possibility of these executions the night before, gathered in front of the prison at dawn today to try to prevent the hanging of the two young men . In order to disperse the crowd, regime’s henchmen lied to them and said that the hanging would not be carried out.

By hanging Fathi brothers, the total number of executions in the last 9 days has climbed to at least 32.
The disintegrating regime of the mullahs by increasing the suppression and executions, is trying to confront the public resentment and prevent the intensification of the popular uprisings and explosion of the anger of the youth who are targeting the entirety of the regime to no avail.

The Iranian resistance calls on the international community to set aside its silence vis-à-vis violations of human rights in Iran and in response to this barbaric cruelty, impose comprehensive sanctions against the mullahs’ regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of resistance of Iran
May 18, 2011

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