Executed political prisoner Sarami exuded confidence, courage in final moments: witness

Ali Sarami, the 62 year old political prisoner who was executed on Tuesday by the Iranian regime exuded extraordinary courage and determination even in his final days and moments, according to an eyewitness and Mr. Sarami’s spouse.

The eyewitness said, “The henchmen came to take Ali in the early morning hours. He told them he wants to pray first. They brought him a turbah [small piece of soil or clay to pray on], but he told them ‘I don’t want anything from you, I will just pray on the ground.’”

“They also wanted to cover his eyes,” the eyewitness went on, adding, “But he told them, ‘Don’t cover my eyes, because I want to go there with open eyes and witness the scene and your deeds.’ Ali then recited an Islamic prayer and chanted ‘Hossein’ three times [the third revered Shiite imam’s name].”

Mr. Sarami’s wife recounted, “I went to visit him on Monday [the day before his execution]. The phone at the booth had some problems and kept disconnecting. My daughter, Zeinab, said, ‘Dad, please ask for another visit.’ But her father replied, ‘I will never ask them for anything. I don’t want anything from criminals.’”

The Iranian regime has prohibited visits to the Sarami family home fearing growing protests over the execution. Agents of the regime have threatened Mr. Sarami’s wife that if she does not comply with the restrictions over traffic to the house, she will be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In an attempt to minimize the impact of the criminal hanging, the clerical regime’s intelligence agents also tore down pictures of Mr. Sarami which were put up around his residence. They have threatened the family that if any sounds were heard from the house, they would lock all doors and prevent visits altogether.

The regime’s agents have taken down the street sign from the house door in order to prevent its identification by those who are planning to pay their respects to the mourning family.

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