Evin-based prosecution office levies fresh charges against Laleh Hassanpour

A human rights activist was summoned last Wednesday to the third interrogation branch of the so-called Revolutionary Court of Tehran based in the notorious Evin prison to hear fresh charges against her.

According to Herana new agency, Ms. Laleh Hassanpour’s lawyer was not present during the proceeding, where three new charges were levied against the defendant, including “insulting the Supreme Leader,” “insulting sanctities,” and “insulting the president.”

One of the lawyers said in an interview with Herana that the Evin-based prosecution did not allow the defense team to be present in court.

He added, “In conversations that I’ve had with Ms. Hassanpour, I learned of new charges against her, such as insulting the sanctities of Islam through the publication of ‘Islam has no relation to Iran,’ an essay by [the late poet] Sadeq Hedayat, in her personal weblog, insulting the leadership in a post on her weblog, as well as insulting Ahmadinejad in another post.”

The lawyer added that other charges laid previously against Ms. Hassanpour’s included “acting against national security through launching a campaign to prevent the hanging of juveniles on death row,” “membership in the association of human rights activists in Iran,” and “participation in unrests.”

During her time in detention, Ms. Hassanpour has come under extreme pressures by interrogators to give a televised “confession.”

Ms. Hassanpour was arrested on March 16, 2010 at her father’s house in Tehran by the Revolutionary Guards intelligence organization and transferred to Evin’s Ward 2A.

She was temporarily freed on June 2 after posting a $200,000 bail.


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