European Parliament Vice: Washington’s Disappointing Injurious Comments On MEK

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By summers
A statement released by Vice President of the European parliament Alejo Vidal-Quadras, deplored the approach by the “two American ambassadors” and reminded U.S. responsibilities vis-à-vis the international laws relating to and the promise made by the Ambassador to protect residents during relocation to Liberty.
Despite continuous calls and pleads by camp residents and their leadership; The U.S. government and the UN Representative postponed fulfillment of basic needs, encouraging more breach by pro-Tehran Iraqi elements running the camp.

The statement debunk US gesture on relating the FTO listing of MEK to the humanitarian crisis in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, directing responsibility and accountability on Washington for any humanitarian defects:
ISJ is pointing out one of the many documents in which the U.S. has given assurances to the residents: On April 24, the State Department officially informed the residents that they will be able “to transport some utility cars and trailers for the disabled; a commitment to connect water and electrical power at Camp Liberty to Iraqi networks, with a commitment to provide water and power until that time; ability to hire up to 100 Iraqi workers to help with loading cargo at Camp Ashraf; agreement in principle to transport some generators; and progress on the sale of legal and movable property. These are all meaningful steps forward. These steps set the stage for the 5th and subsequent convoys from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty/Hurriya”.
After these preliminaries, the State Department asked the residents “to prepare for and carry out this move, which should take place at once and should be followed by other, regular moves” and added the US Government “appreciates the cooperation of the MEK thus far in the process of closing camp Ashraf; we have expressed this appreciation before and are prepared to do so again”.
Although the abovementioned written promises were not carried out, the fifth convoy was relocated to Liberty and now, 2 and a half months later, none of those promises is yet fulfilled. We announce that only after realization of the minimum humanitarian standards, the rest of Ashraf residents can be relocated to camp liberty.
since last December the issue of Camp Liberty has been actively under considerations and Ashraf residents, at the recommendation of the camp’s representatives and leaders, by showing goodwill and foregoing many of their rights have been transferred to Liberty, and while more than three months have passed since the first group of residents were stationed and so far more than 2,000 have been relocated, Camp Liberty continues to lack minimum humanitarian and human rights standards.
Infrastructure conditions, especially those of water, electricity, and sewage are quite excruciating, and the Iraqi government through a suppressive policy carried out at the behest of the Iranian regime, prevents rebuilding this infrastructure by the residents at their own expense. The residents do not even have the permission to establish awnings to shelter against the sun in the 60 degree heat, neither do they have permission to build concrete or asphalt pathways for the patients and paralyzed residents. Permission for transferring trailers and vehicles specially equipped for the ill and paralyzed patients are not being issued. While there have been vipers, scorpions, and pests found at the camp, the Iraqi government does not allow the residents to professionally exterminate the camp. The right of free passage, stressed by the High Commission of Refugees in several statements, is still not recognized. In this small one-half-kilometre camp, the Iraqi police and armored vehicles keep roaming. The memorandum of understanding between the UN and the Iraqi government and other agreements are constantly violated.
A press statement by the NCRI reported yet further breach of the Iraqi government:
On June 18, Iraqi forces under the command of Mohammad Kazim Sadeq (arrested by French police for Crimes and pursued by the Spanish Court), stopped a UNHCR vehicle taking a number of residents to the nearby location of the agency for interviews, and returned them to Liberty.
The statement also reiterated day 20 of food entry prevention imposed by Iraqi forces. Tons of food has been left out in the open to rot, in 50°C (130F) heat, by Iraqi forces under various pretexts such as: the time needed for inspection: waiting for Lift trucks and waiting for plain cloth elements to inspect.  An estimated 20 tons of food worth more than 100 thousand dollars have been wasted by the forces under command of the Iranian affiliated commander Sadeg kazem.
Sources report plain clothed agents have been involved in harassing the residents and irritating conditions. The presence of anonymous agents is in blatant breach of the MoU and under constant knowledge of the US-UN representatives and the two respected US ambassadors.
Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism and Ambassador Daniel Fried fail to explain how irrelevant these basic needs are. The agency tries to file the issues under the rug by demanding residents to live or let die by abstaining from their rights.

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