European lawmaker urges EU to help lift restrictions on Ashraf

A high-ranking member of the European Parliament has called on the European Union to ensure that the inhumane restrictions placed on Iranian dissidents residing in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, are lifted immediately.

Gunnar Hökmark, Vice-Chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP), said there are 3,400 members of the Iranian Resistance residing in Camp Ashraf, which is situated near the Iran-Iraq border. Following the Iraq war, Coalition Forces granted the residents “protected persons” status under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

“Since the control of the camp was handed over to Iraqi forces [in January 2009], there have been many repeated incidents there leading to threats, deaths, and injuries among the residents. This is exactly what the Iranian regime wants.”

Hökmark added, “The Iranian Resistance has had a very critical role especially in exposing the Iranian regime’s nuclear projects. I salute them for informing the world about this threat.”

“Several weeks ago, Ashraf was attacked by the Iraqi army. 35 residents were killed and more than 350 were injured, and the wounded are being prevented from access to medical care.”

The European parliamentarian added, “It is crucial for member states in the EU and other countries to pressure the Iraqi government to lift the restrictions on the residents of Ashraf.”

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