EU sanctions target over 80 regime officials

European diplomats have prepared a list of over 80 Iranian regime militia and police unit commanders, prison guards, prosecutors, judges and ministry bureaucrats that will be taken up for discussion for possible EU sanctions for alleged torture, murder and other human rights violations against Iranian citizens, the American website Politico has reported.

A state-run paper in Iran seen as the mouthpiece of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader, Kayhan daily, covered the story, acknowledging that some of the names on the list include those of Mesbah Yazdi, Ahmad Khatami, Mohammad Yazdi, Hossein Shariatmadari, Sadeq Larijani, Hassan Firouzabadi, and Mohammad Ali Jafari.

“The list will be discussed at the European Union and the people affected will have sanctions slapped against them and their assets frozen in the EU,” Kayhan added.

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