Engineering battalions from three Iraqi army divisions destroy remnants of crimes against humanity in Ashraf

Ashraf military Occupation – No.68

After the brutal attack on April 8, and occupying large parts of Ashraf, three engineering battalions, battalions 4, 5 and 12 of the Iraqi army entered Ashraf with 30 units of engineering machinery and are working to destroy the remnants of the crime against humanity in Ashraf. Some of their measures are as follows:

1-Vehicles belonging to the residents that were set afire or had bullet ridden bodies as the result of the attack have been buried beneath the soil, so that there is no trace of any burnt vehicle left at the scene.

2-Bengal and tents which were used as sleeping quarters for the residents or storage facility for their equipment that were set afire by the Iraqi army have also been buried.

3-Many of the residential sites in the northern part of the Camp Ashraf have been destroyed to wipe out any traces of residential life in the area and make it resemble an agricultural land.

4- Forces under Maliki command also destroyed the Northern fence of Ashraf smoothing the soil top using engineering machinery to resemble agricultural land.

These battalions have erected broad crested weirs at the height of 3 to4 meters and length of 6500meters , that resemble the ones built during the war at the fronts, such broad crested weirs are built very close to the place of residence of the camp residents. They have installed guard towers on the embankment so they can monitor the residents 24 hours a day. The BMP-1 armored vehicles and Humvees have taken position along the embankment pointing their guns at the resident’s residential quarters.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 19, 2011

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