Elderly mother of political prisoner dies after hearing situation of her son

The mother of a political prisoner in Iran has died immediately after hearing that her imprisoned son is in bad physical shape during a hunger strike.

According to Hrana news agency, Rasoul Bodaqi, a political prisoner at the Gohardasht prison, had launched a hunger strike in protest to ill treatment of political prisoners. He lost consciousness during the strike. When his mother heard the news, she had a heart attack and died.

Several other political prisoners had also launched a hunger strike and the Iranian regime’s forces in prison refuse to give tm even water and tea. Mr. Bodaqi, a teacher and member of the governing board of the Iran Teachers Association, lost consciousness after he was dehydrated and transferred to the prison clinic.

His elderly mother heard the news and when Iranian regime agents refused to allow her to meet her son, she had a heart attack and died several hours later in hospital.

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