Ejection of staff of Ashraf’s central power station, threatening and provoking residents into violence

Camp Ashraf Military Occupation – No. 180

Continuation of engineering operations for establishing new positions around Ashraf

On Saturday December 17, Iraqi security forces ejected the staff in charge of maintaining and up-keeping of Ashraf’s central power generating station (Ahrar Power Plant) from that station. They said since the station had no fuel, then residents had no rights to go there.

Iraqi military forces have also disconnected the power plant’s monitoring system. During a terrorist and criminal operation on the morning of December 13, agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence aided by the forces under Maliki’s command, broke the fuel tanks’ pipes at Ashraf’s power station and emptied the entire 52,000 liters of fuel on the floor.

 These actions are part of the plans of mullahs’ regime and the forces under its command in Iraq for intensifying the pressure on Ashraf residents and the siege against them, aiming to set the stage for attacking and massacring the residents. And this is while the Committee for Suppression of Ashraf at Maliki’s office has prevented entry of gasoline since 11 months ago and diesel fuel since 7 months ago. The fuel in these tanks were the only fuel reserves for Ashraf’s power station.

Ejecting the staff of Camp Ashraf’s central power generating station by the Iraqi forces indicates that by emptying this station’s fuel, the Iraqi government aims at total and full control of the camp.

Ahrar power station was established in 2007 for partial provision of electric power for Ashraf’s critical and service systems such as the hospital, food storage rooms, water station, bakery, etc. The cost of establishing and purchasing the generators and the equipments for the station was in excess of $5 million, entirely paid for by the residents.

In another violent action, Mulazim Haydar, an intelligence officer of the Iraqi Army and the representative of the Committee for Suppression of Ashraf crossed the cement walls between the camp and the occupied section of Ashraf and entered the residential area of Ashraf residents (the 100th Street.) He was cutting off the internal phone lines and threatened the residents that: we will soon attack you and will execute all of you.
At the same time, the engineering corps of the Iraq’s 5th Army continues its efforts for creating new positions around Camp Ashraf for attacking the camp; this unit’s equipments are constantly being operated everyday along the sides of Ashraf.

Additionally, on the south side of Ashraf, the mercenaries of the terrorist Quds Force along with Iraqi soldiers attempted to provoke violence by throwing rocks at Ashraf residents; these efforts were foiled by residents’ alertness.

Secretariat of the National Council of resistance of Iran
December 17, 2011

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