EIFA demands ousted Maliki be tried for war crimes

Photo of 52 Iranian residents of Camp Ashraf massacred on Sept. 1, 2013
The European Iraqi Freedom Association has hailed the removal from power of Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, who should now be put on trial for war crimes for ‘murder, embezzlement and corruption’ during his eight-year term in office.

The Brussels-based group is now calling for the release of all political prisoners, a rounding up terrorists, the purging of Iranian mercenaries from the Iraqi army and the arrest of the perpetrators of the massacres at Camps Ashrafs and Liberty.

And they are demanding an early free and fair democratic election under UN auspices to restore ‘true sovereignty to the people’s representatives’ in Iraq.

EIFA said in a statement: “The European Iraqi Freedom Association considers the appointment of Dr Haider al-Abadi as Prime Minister and the dismissal of Nouri al-Maliki by the Iraqi President, as the first essential step to overcome the current crisis in Iraq. Maliki’s hysterical insistence on clinging to his post, even claiming the new President has breached the Iraqi constitution, is risible, coming from a man who has himself breached the constitution on an almost industrial scale.

“During his rule Maliki was responsible for the murder, execution, imprisonment and forcible displacement of millions of Iraqis. He was also responsible for widespread state corruption, the embezzlement of billions and the consequent impoverishment of the Iraqi people. By losing the post of Prime Minister and the immunity from prosecution that goes with it, Maliki should be immediately arrested and brought before the international courts, charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“He must be held accountable for the destruction of the economic and social fabric of Iraq during his eight years in power.

“It is the recognition of this impending fate that is driving Maliki towards every desperate measure to cling to power. That is why he has resorted to using all possible security, military and financial levers in a frantic bid to remain as Prime Minister.

“It is therefore imperative that the UN and U.S. maintain their support for the appointment of Dr Haider al-Abadi as the new Prime Minister, to ensure a calm and peaceful transfer of power.”

Dr al-Abadi should include the following eight steps into his new agenda, EIFA said. They are:

1. Formation of a cabinet clear of the influence of foreign powers, particularly the Iranian regime.

2. Immediate release of all political prisoners, especially the women who have been imprisoned under bogus terrorist charges.

3. Active and comprehensive, genuine and not just formalistic, participation of all parts of Iraqi society, particularly the Sunnis and Kurds, in power-sharing, recognizing the people’s rights in the Sunni provinces and dialogue with the tribal leaders and Sunni revolutionaries.

4. Rounding up the terrorists associated with the Iranian regime such as Badr, Asaib and Kataib terrorists, as well as other criminal gangs that have played a significant role in Maliki’s rule and instigated the sectarian war in Iraq.

5. Purging the army of Iranian mercenaries and all those that Maliki has recruited under his sectarian policy, restoring patriotic officers and turning it into a professional and national army. Only such an army, supported by the tribes and the people will be able to confront extremist and terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS).

6. Disclosing to the people the names of perpetrators of executions, massacres, bombardment and launching rockets against innocent people and those responsible for poverty and state corruption and holding them accountable before the courts.

7. Recognizing the independence of the Judiciary, dismissing those who have turned Iraq’s justice system into a political tool wielded by Maliki.

8. Arresting and holding to account the perpetrators of the six massacres at Camps Ashraf and Liberty; lifting the inhuman siege against Iranian refugees at Liberty and guaranteeing their rights and security and their right to ownership of their property at Liberty and Ashraf.
The new government should prepare the ground for an early free and fair democratic election under UN auspices to restore true sovereignty to the people’s representatives.

We hope that Dr al-Abadi will take rapid steps towards implementing the above measures to fulfil the wishes of all the people of Iraq. This way, he will enjoy the full support of the world community and particularly the EU and we shall provide any assistance in our capacity to help him pursue these policies.

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