Egyptian protestors express solidarity with Iranian people uprising, condemn regime

Thousands of Egyptian youths in Cairo’s Tahrir Square have declared solidarity with the Iranian people who are being brutally suppressed by a regime characterized by corruption and repression, the Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah reported on Saturday.

The statement entitled “From Egyptian freedom-lovers to the freedom-lovers of Iran,” addresses the “great people of Egypt” and says, “Some tried to hijack your revolution. The murderous Khamenei and his puppet Hassan Nasrallah tried to paint your revolution as ‘Islamic’ and insulted your uprising. They want to sow the seeds of division among us.”

The Kuwaiti daily added that the statement was signed by the “Egyptian People’s Committee for Solidarity with the Iranian People’s Uprising.” It called for a symbolic protest in front of the Iranian regime’s embassy to show solidarity with the Iranian people.

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