Egyptian parliamentarian calls on UN to help lift siege on Camp Ashraf residents

An Egyptian member of Parliament this week called on the United Nations to enact urgent measures to lift an Iraqi-government-imposed siege on the residents of Camp Ashraf, Iraq, home to 3,400 Iranian dissidents.

Mr. Mustafa Bakri, who is also the editor-in-chief of the weekly al-Asbou in Egypt, said in a message marking the holy month of Ramadan, “I urge all non-government organizations in the world to rise up in defense of the besieged residents of Ashraf.”

He added, “International fact-finding missions should visit Ashraf to investigate the effects of the siege on the lives of thousands of people [in Ashraf],” referring to the restrictions imposed by Baghdad on the entry of food, medical supplies, and fuel to the camp.

A committee at the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office, which is tasked with suppressing the residents of Camp Ashraf, is currently refusing to allow terminally ill patients to be transferred to equipped hospitals in Baghdad and elsewhere.

The Egyptian parliamentarian added in his message, “The besieged residents of Camp Ashraf have not committed any crimes. Their only so-called crime is that they are committed to their ideals. This makes the international community duty-bound to help them and stand on their side.”

“The world’s parliaments must also adopt measures. Lawmakers should, for example, attend seminars in Paris that will soon take place for this purpose,” Mr. Bakri added.

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