Egyptian group supports women of Camp Ashraf

The chairman of Egypt’s Human Rights Education and Development has expressed strong support for the 1,000 women in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, on the world day against violence and demanded their complete protection on the basis of international conventions.


Ms. Ferdos Ahmad said in a statement, “Our sisters in Ashraf are being subjected to psychological tortures and inhumane siege, especially the terminally ill patients who are under more severe restrictions and pressures as a result of this siege.”

Ms. Ahmad described the inhumane measures of the Nouri al-Maliki forces against the women of Ashraf as flagrant violations of international laws and conventions, and added, “The residents of Ashraf are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and they must be treated in accordance with international laws and conventions, while being placed under full protection.”

Ms. Ahmad addressed the UN Secretary General and said, “We, Egyptian human rights activists, rise up to support the 1,000 women of Ashraf, and call on all human rights and women’s rights organizations across the globe to support the residents of Ashraf.”

The statement declared as its demands that the UN Secretary General should ensure the protection of Camp Ashraf residents, the inhumane siege against the camp must be lifted and restrictions on medical services and treatment must be removed; Ashraf residents must be treated in accordance with international laws, the International Human Rights Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention; and a UNAMI monitoring team must be posted in the camp, while all Iraqi forces must leave Ashraf.

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