Dr. al-Ani warns against the creation of an Iranian-backed government in Iraq

A senior official of the al-Iraqiya coalition in Iraq, Dr. Zafer al-Ani, said in a statement that if the national platform of the al-Iraqiya coalition for the formation of a new government is not implemented, then the Iraqi people would face the threat of the establishment of a pro-Iranian government in Iraq.


Below are excerpts of the statement:

Iraqis face two choices: An Iraqi government on the basis of electoral rights or a pro-Iranian government

The Secretary General of the Nation’s Future Association and a senior official of al-Iraqiya, Dr. Zafer al-Ani, said that there are only two choices for the Iraqi people:

The first is the formation of an Iraqi government based on the people’s national will which was exhibited on election day in favor of the al-Iraqiya platform as an instrument to change the bitter status quo. In practical terms, this means that since al-Iraqiya won the elections and has a political majority, it must be able to form a government.

The second choice is the formation of a government which has an Iraqi façade but is pro-Iranian in nature. This form of government will be created through the violation of electoral rights and ignoring the democratic process. It will lead to renewed sectarian divisions under various pretexts.

Therefore, the inclination of Iraqis is towards the nationalist platform as the outcome of their national interests. The second choice, however, will be brought about by a number of politicians who have done nothing but create deceptions against the law and the constitution, dominated the judiciary through force and implemented the designs of the absolute clerical rule in Iran out of the pocket of the Iraqi nation.

Referring to the announcement of Dr. Adel Abdolmehdi as the candidate for prime minister by the National Coalition, Dr. al-Ani added, “Al-Iraqiya sees Dr. Abdolmehdi as a reputable figure and his candidacy has nothing to do with us. But, naturally, it cannot replace the elections rights of al-Iraqiya. Logically, his candidacy, on the basis of the outcome of the recent elections, cannot constitute as a challenge to Dr. Ayad Allawi. There is no alternative against al-Iraqiya except respecting the will of the people and defending the Iraqi people’s choice. We once again insist that Dr. Ayad Allawi is the candidate for prime minister. This is a decision that results from the democratic traditions that al-Iraqiya respects.”

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