Dozens of juveniles on death row in Iran

According to reports, a number of juveniles charged by the Iranian regime are being held at Gohardasht prison in the city of Karaj, with many of them already on death row. Identification documentations for some of these young prisoners have been expired and they are left with no legal identities.

The names of some of these unidentified juveniles that are now on death row include:


1. Seyyed Mohsen Miri (ID expired)
2. Reza Padashi
3. Hamed Pourheydar (transferred to Ward 2)
4. Hossein Ranjbarzadeh
5. Kazem Khosravi
6. Ehsan Ajdehaki
7. Alireza Johari
8. Danial Hassanpour
9. Safar Angouki
10. Mohammad Aqili
11. Saber Sharbati
12. Mohsen Tahernezhad

All of the prisoners named above were under 18 years of age at the time of committing their alleged crimes. Some have been in prison up to 3 years.

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