Diyala official: Nouri Maliki attacked Ashraf without knowledge of Diyala Council

The government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki did not inform officials in Diyala province of attacks against Camp Ashraf, which is located in Diyala, and what happened there on April 8 was completely out of the authority of Diyala’s local government, an official has said.

According to Navkho news agency last week, the Diyala provincial council has expressed sympathy with the residents of Camp Ashraf.

Omar Farouq, a member of Diyala’s provincial council, said the April 8 attack on the camp by Iraqi forces, which led to the killing of 35 residents and wounding of 350 more, was conducted by Nouri al-Maliki without the knowledge of the province.

Other members of the council, as well as the governor of Diyala province, have also distanced themselves from the attack in recent weeks, and officially condemned it

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