Diyala governor says Maliki responsible for human rights abuses in Ashraf

The provincial governor of Diyala has said the government of Nouri al-Maliki bears the responsibility for human rights violations and international law breaches in Camp Ashraf, where 3,400 members of the main Iranian opposition reside.

Abdolnasser al-Montasar Bellah added, “The Diyala province will act in accordance with international laws, conventions and human rights principles when it comes to Ashraf.”


Various news agencies quoted the Diyala governor and also reported on the most recent abuses in Ashraf by the committee at the prime minister’s office in charge of suppressing the camp.

The Diyala governor said, “The issue of Camp Ashraf is completely an issue for the central government and the province treats it in accordance with international conventions and laws.”

At the same time, news agencies reported that a member of the Diyala council also distanced himself from human rights abuses against Ashraf by Baghdad, saying, “We respect human rights regardless of who it is applied to.”

Essam Shaker Yousef, added, “The basis of the new government in Iraq was democratic principles and therefore we must dispense with suppressive methods. The government must employ legal options to resolve all unresolved issues.”

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