Diyala council member denies Iranian regime allegations against Ashraf

NCRI – A member of the provincial council of Diyala province in Iraq has dismissed the Iranian regime’s desperate and preposterous allegations against the residents of Camp Ashraf.

Dalir Hassan said the Iranian regime’s absurd accusations that the PMOI had a role in Diyala’s bombings are completely false, according to Lebanon’s Arabic news agency on Saturday.

He said, “Several days ago, a media outlet attributed some statements to me, claiming that I talked about the role of Ashraf residents in Diyala’s recent violent incidents. The truth is that I never said such a thing.”

“I have never said that there are reasons to believe that the PMOI had a role in the violent incidents which have occurred in the province,” he added.

Mr. Hassan, who heads the Diyala council’s legal committee added, “I hope that Ashraf residents are treated humanely and without being subjected to pressures.”

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