Dispatch of new Intelligence Ministry agents to Ashraf to intensify psychological torture

Camp Ashraf  military occupation – NO.88

On Wednesday April 27, Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) dispatched a number of its agents from Iran to Camp Ashraf’s entrance in order to intensify psychological torture of Mojahedin members at Ashraf and to set the stage for further suppressive actions. This psychological torture, using 240 loudspeakers, has been ongoing for the last 15 months. These actions are carried out only 3 weeks after the massacre of Camp Ashraf residents by forces under Nouri al-Maliki’s command and at a time when the anti-human policy of torturing to death of the wounded residents continues.

After the massacre of April 8, the Iranian regime dispatched a number of agents of the Intelligence Ministry and the terrorist Qods Force to Ashraf’s entrance. Among those agents, who had covered their faces, was a woman by the name of Ann Singleton (Khodabandeh), and an Iraqi agent of the Qods Force by the name of Ahlam al-Maliki. Singleton, who resides in the UK, is a well known agent of the Iranian intelligence who has been seen serving the mullahs at the notorious Evin prison’s torture chamber.

The Iranian resistance draws the attention of the United Nations, the UN special representative, the U.S. Embassy, the American forces, representatives of European Union member states in Iraq, and all human rights defending societies to the continued psychological torture of Mojahedin members at Ashraf and to the dispatch of the new intelligence Ministry agents as well as preparing the grounds for another attack, and calls for urgent actions to end this psychological torture.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 28, 2011


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