Despite previous agreement, Iraqi government has stopped entry of small bunkers into Liberty• 80 days after missile attack, security preventive measures are obsturcted

Missile attack on Liberty- No 39

Eighty days after the missile attack on Liberty, the Government of Iraq hinders primary security measures even at the residents’ own expense. This is despite the residents and their representatives’ repeated requests, referrals and correspondence to U.S. and UN officials. GOI has either expressed its explicit opposition to the residents’ security necessities, or has left them unanswered in practice. This is while the impact of 20 rockets around the camp on April 29 showed once again that there is no security in Liberty and the residents face another massacre at any moment.

The only measure the GOI agreed on following the February 9th attack was the transfer of a number of small bunkers into the camp by crane and flatbed truck rented at the residents’ own expense. These bunkers have been left outside Liberty perimeter since the presence of U.S. forces. Nevertheless, the GOI stopped entry of bunkers a week ago. In the last joint management meeting of the camp on 16 April 2013 with the presence of GOI representative and UNAMI representatives, the transfer of bunkers into the camp was agreed to continue, but the GOI violated the agreements as usual.
GOI opposes returning to the camp the T-walls that used to provide relative protection for the containers during the presence of U.S. forces. It does not allow even one T-wall out of 17500 ones to be returned. Neither does GOI allow the residents to transfer from Ashraf the protective helmets, vests and medical equipment of the residents. It also prevents entry of shovels and picks and sandbags necessary for building preliminary shelters, and strongly opposes any kind of construction at Liberty and expanding its area.
These criminal decisions, which are considered as crime against humanity and war crime by any definition, are implemented by Sadeq Muhammad Kazem, Haidar Azab and Ahmad Khozair, the agents of suppressive committee of Prime Ministry at Liberty who had a direct role in two massacres of 2009 and 2011 in Ashraf and have been summoned by the Spain Court for crime against international community.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran 
May 1, 2013


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