Despicable condition of water and power, trash and septic with standards lower than prison at Liberty

Liberty-no. 10

On Tuesday, February 2, Ashraf residents who have gone to Camp Liberty, were only able to transfer about 15 percent of their needed water with a tanker from 12 Kilometers away.
None of the residents was able to take a shower or to even to wash his socks. Toilets lacked water in many hours of the day.

Due to security reasons, transferring water from a 12 Kilometers distance is not possible at night, and since there is a queue for filling up water during the daytime,  in the period of 6 AM to 6 PM, maximum three or four times the tanker could be filled up.
The situation for electric power is even more despicable. From the two power generators at Liberty, one of them is not functioning. The containers for the fuel of the two generators are joint and have a capacity of 15,000 liters. Each generator consumes 200 liters of fuel per hour. But there is not enough fuel.  The residents had no choice but to forsake using any heating facilities during day time.

Also auto fuel supply has finished but it has not been yet supplied.  The Iraqi forces had already prevented the transfer of Kerosene heaters and cooking ovens to Liberty on February 2012.

Meanwhile, due to shortage of electricity it is impossible to cook, to keep places warm and to have a functioning water supply system.  Due to the shortage of electricity sewage is spilling over to open areas near the residential places.  Right now, the sewage spill has reached to a meter away from the first row of trailers.

The trash container trucks that had been filled with trashes collected by the residents on Tuesday were not allowed to leave the camp on Wednesday.

In another development the residents informed the UNAMI representatives of a few packages of bullets which had been found in the  area and delivered them to the Iraqi forces.

According to a reliable source UNAMi’s future annual report has been provided to the Iraqi Government for review prior to its publication. The ending result of such report would be very clear and one can expect that the victims will be criticized rather than the victimizers and the Iraqi government will be highly commended!!!

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 23, 2012

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