Despairing remarks of mullahs’ faltering against PMOI and Iranian Resistance

Misinformation machine of the clerical regime, especially the organs affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), has furiously escalated its delirious remarks over recent weeks to new dimensions and everyday tens of the regime’s state media disseminate flagrant lies against the PMOI. The reason is its extreme frustration and fear due to the growing reception of the PMOI by the people as well as the recent victories of the Iranian Resistance inside Iran and abroad and also international calls to remove the PMO from the US terror list which have foiled the regime’s conspiracies against the Ashraf residents.

In this respect, Javan On Line, affiliated to the IRGC, disseminated an absurd lie; that following the effecting of the Law on the Elimination of State subsidies, “Two members of the PMOI, intending to create disorder, were arrested by one of the institutions in charge. These two, who had disguised themselves as respectable people, were planning to take advantage of the possible unrest and discontent of the people over this law, in order to provoke a clash beat the people and kill as many as they could…… They carried two shotguns and two batons as well as tear gas. It is said that these two people had just crossed the border from Iraq”. These absurd lies only reflect the fear of a faltering regime from the peoples organized resistance.

In this regard, on Monday December 20, Fars News Agency, affiliated to the IRGC, dispatched a totally fabricated story as, “A source close to the PMOI central headquarters in Paris …. disclosed facts about this grouplet’s involvement in the terrorist attack in Chah-Bahar.” It added, “The terror was planned and backed directly by the agents of this grouplet that is based in Paris.”

On December 16, Javan online, another media outlet affiliated to the IRGC, wrote in a totally fabricated story, “A while ago, the head of Jondullah terrorist group met with two members of the PMOI in Karachi, Pakistan regarding a series of sabotage operations.

On December 20, Raja News, affiliated to Ahmadinejad’s gang, informed of “the PMOI’s involvement in assassination of our nuclear scientists”. Absurdly, it described the revelations of Iranian Resistance about the roles of Shahriari and Abbasi in the regime’s nuclear weapon project as evidence to the PMOI’s complicity. Such ridiculous lies are uttered by the regime while the accusation of assassinating the scientists gets more directed toward the clerical regime. 

Disseminating such lies reflect the condition of a faltering regime that has entered its final phase while being engulfed with hatred and fury of the majority of the Iranian people, division and growing feuding within the regime, economic crises and international sanctions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 21, 2010

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