Declaration by more than 30 thousand Iraqi students for Camp Ashraf

Provide international protection for Ashraf residents, Lift cruel and inhuman blockade of Ashraf

More than 30 thousand Iraqi students, in an statement, condemned the brutal attack on Camp Ashraf on April 8, 2011 as a “crime against humanity” and called for international investigation on the perpetrators of this terrible crime and announced:

We, the Iraqi youth, students, and teachers know al-Maliki’s deadline for closure of camp Ashraf by the end of 2011 is an attempt to cover up the crime against humanity, and warn the international community, Arab countries, representatives of the Iraqi parliament, and political groups about the plots against Ashraf.

It is specially clear that all these criminal actions are done at the behest of the fascist regime ruling Iran. The Iranian regime has made our country unsafe by intervention and terrorist activities in Iraq.

We condemn the cruel siege of Ashraf and particularly condemn medical blockade and psychological torture of Ashraf residents by installing and using more than 300 loudspeakers in Ashraf.

We support the efforts of the international community to achieve a reasonable and peaceful solution, and urge the United Nations to take responsibility for protection of Ashraf residents who have been legal residence of Iraq for 25 years and are entitled refugee status under Fourth Geneva Convention.

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